Lighting experts – What the ZKW Group has in common with nocturnal animals


Nocturnal animals can get by even with very little light. People, on the other hand, need modern lighting systems to move securely through the darkness. Sounds like a job for ZKW.

They’re experts in finding the right light: Owls. These partially nocturnal birds have adapted perfectly to dusk and darkness. They can see well even in very low light. A role model for anyone interested in getting the right perspective – like the lighting specialists of the ZKW Group.

Owls have eyes that are highly sensitive to light, with significantly more photo-receptors in their retinas than other birds – and they’re big too: If people had the same proportions, our eyes would be as large as apples. In addition, owls can turn their heads by up to 270 degrees, meaning they have a wide field of view.

A little miracle of nature, the owl. It’s not for nothing that they’re considered a symbol of wisdom and learning in the Western world.

Nature as role model

ZKW’s true expertise becomes clear especially when the sun sinks behind the horizon. At nighttime, especially, innovations and technology of the world’s fastest-growing automotive industry company is in high demand.

While owls and other nocturnal animals need only their eyes to journey out into the darkness, people need a little help and illumination. Modern lighting systems provide optimal light. Headlights that guide you through the darkness like owls’ eyes.

That’s why ZKW uses nature’s unbelievable examples as our role models – to build on them, optimizing light solutions so we can always provide the right perspective.

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