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The complexity of light technology systems used in modern vehicle headlamps is growing. The same is true of customer demands. A headlight is much more than just a light source – it is a key part of the car, truck, or motorcycle’s systems, and must integrate harmoniously into the manufacturer’s branded design.

LED technology is the technology of the future, and it’s already here today: This light technology facilitates innovative applications, while also placing new and higher demands on electronics. To remain a leader in this field, ZKW is developing our company from a system integrator to a system manufacturer.


From a simple halogen headlight to the complex, high-tech product they are today: Few technologies have undergone such rapid, fundamental change as lighting technology has over the last few years. The goal, however, has remained the same: Vehicle headlights improve traffic safety and reduce the danger of accidents by better lighting the street, and by offering better performance or intelligent driver assistance systems.


In the future, we will also be promoting innovations in miniature lasers, micro electrical mechanical systems (MEMS), organic light diodes (OLED), and specialized LED configurations. Our goal is to develop and manufacture innovative electronic solutions for headlights, in order to provide the best possible support to the ZKW Group as a system manufacturer of premium lighting systems. For ZKW customers, this means: all solutions come from a single source.

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