Series production & quality

Series production – From a small part to the big picture

Quality – no compromises

Wherever there’s a need, we react with new solutions. ZKW uses the most modern technologies available around the world to meet any quality need that demands the utmost from all equipment and components involved.

ZKW produces most components using injection-molding technology, primarily through fully-automated manufacturing. Optically critical components like reflectors and lenses are manufactured under specialized conditions. Our functional and quality testing is unparalleled because we feel it is our duty and our mission to provide light and safety, and because all of our products are designed to improve our customers’ competitive positions.

Stable, robust processes to generate our products just-in-time are the basic building blocks of our success. We apply a lean approach to help us implement a zero-error principle while increasing efficiency.

Recently, ZKW also began manufacturing electronic components such as circuit boards with highly precise LED placement and complete light engines in house. Proprietary production processes help us fulfill the high requirements placed on the light technology in our high-end products. Highly modern SMT equipment and highly automated assembly lines for light engines at the ZKW Elektronik GmbH location in Wiener Neustadt, and our overall expertise in the areas of electronics, light technology, and mechanics make the difference here.

Sophisticated products demand the best possible quality at ZKW. Because of the competitive and highly technical nature of our industry, ZKW is obligated to respond with the highest possible quality standards.

At ZKW, “quality” plays out on two levels: Product quality and process quality. Our business processes, certified in accordance with ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001, combine modern methods with our employees’ expertise. A specific quality assurance concept guarantees reliable products and reliable industrial manufacturing processes. Furthermore, we have implemented a continuous improvement process (CI), which ensures appropriate, optimized processes on the process level, and mature, robust technologies on the product level.

As a customer, as a supplier, or even as a ZKW employee, you can trust in our conception of quality. Your expectations and wishes are our duties and our goals.

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