Senior Manager Project Management


• Project management of individual and multi-project method standardization across locations as a lead function, and disciplinary management of Project Managers and the project office at the location • Ensuring appropriate and complete project planning for customer and pre-development projects at the location • Ensuring an awareness of a high level of goal orientation on the part of the Project Manager (challenger function towards the Project Manager in individual project as a previous function to the project owner) at the location • Multi-project management and ensuring the quality of status information from projects at the location – the location that manages the E-project. • Recognizing mistakes in the project portfolio and informing the project owner of these in all di-mensions (deadlines/performance/costs) as a supporting function to the project owner at the location • Responsible for implementing the goals, measures and requirements derived from the Integrat-ed Management System (IMS) in the areas of quality, environment, health and safety (in ac-cordance with the ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and binding obligations) with due consideration to continuous improvement.

Functional Tasks

• Develop and further establish a uniform project management method (processes, standards, rules, forms, key figures, etc.)

• Select and further develop adequate tool support • Assign current customer projects to Project Managers in coordination with the Project owner board

• Support Project Managers and departmental managers in planning deadlines and performance

• Organize and moderate project workshops (start/completion/lessons learned)

• Develop and initiate quality measures for project members and managers Distinction from the project owner board:

• The project owner board is the sole contact for project managers for services/decisions related to the project

• The project owner board is solely responsible for deciding on the approval of milestones for as-sessing the degree of completion with respect to deadlines, costs and the quality of project performance.

• Deviations from the project order are approved solely by the board of project owners

• The project owners fill in for one another within the board • Other work assigned by the Company Managerial tasks:

• Disciplinary management of project managers, professional management only within the scope of the project management method

• Disciplinary and professional management of project office employees • Personnel management and creating a motivating work environment

• Coaching project manager, project manager has sole responsibility for the project both internally and externally General management duties

• Personnel management and creating a motivating work environment according to agreed-upon management principles and guidelines

• Determining required work conditions and adapting these on an ongoing basis • Continued training management for employees

• Succession planning / absence planning

• Ongoing controlling of activity implementation, as well as monitoring and management as necessary

• Ensuring internal and external processing quality

• Active contribution to ensuring the success of the company Disciplinary (“solid line’) management of employees LD.CN.E.PM

• Defines and prioritizes the implementation of concrete duties • Responsible for the target agreement process, complies with local requirements

• Defines or prioritizes the implementation of concrete task contents (the “WHAT”) • Creates the freedom to implement locally defined functional tasks

• Responsible for administrative processes Functional management („dotted line“) of employees LD.CN.E.PM

• Contributes functional goals as fundamental components of the goal agreement, gives performance feedback

• Defines the way in which the functional tasks are implemented (the “HOW”)

• Defines permitted processes, responsibilities and systems – and also what is not allowed

• Includes the functional organizational structure

• At HQ technical and line management overlap Authorities:

• Right to a say in case of changes of the project order

• Right to a say during the selection of project core team members and project staff

• Procurement/request of promised resources in coordination with the line supervisors

• Co-ordination and specification of vacation approvals and other absences of the project core team members with the responsible line supervisor • Request of coaching support with the project client • Convening special meetings • Inward and outward representation of the project • Delegation of tasks/work packages

• Cost decisions in the context of the project (NOTE: pay attention to conformity with signature regulation)

Specialist qualifications:

• Polytechnic university degree or completion of a technical/business program (technical college, university)

• Experience in project management

• Knowledge of project management methods and project-management-specific IT tools

• Understanding of methods in the Automotive area (OEM, supplier industry-1st tier), Lean Production, APQP, Supply Chain Management, quality techniques e.g. FMEA, MSA, SPC.

• Basic understanding of quality standards (IATF 16949, APQP/VDA 4.3, PPAP/VDA 2) and product liability

• Knowledge of systematic problem-solving methods, moderation techniques. • Operating PCs and databases • Fluent written and spoken English

We provide you with:

  • Performance bonus
  • Traffic subsidies
  • A flexible work
  • Six insurances
  • Paid annual leave
  • Regular check-up


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