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The specialist for innovative premium lighting systems and electronics. As a systems supplier, we are one of the leading strategic partners in the automotive industry worldwide. So we operate from Austria with about 9,700 employees in Europe, America and Asia. With flat hierarchies and short decision paths, we increase our efficiency.

From Vienna to the world

The ZKW Group is a traditional company with an 80-year history. Karl Zizala founded ZKW in Vienna back in 1938. The brand’s name derives from his initials, plus a “W” to stand in for the Austrian capital (“Wien” = Vienna). The company was expanded in 1954 to include its current headquarters in Wieselburg.

The Mommert family took over the company in 1982. Although the company started out producing metal components for various motorcycle and truck manufacturers, it developed its specialization in innovative, premium lighting systems and electronics in the decades that followed. It produced its first standard car headlight in 1989, followed by its first truck headlight in 1995, and its first bend-lite headlight (AFS) went into production in 2005. In 2014, the first laser projector was installed and the LED matrix headlight followed.

As an industry leader, the ZKW Group employs a total of nearly 9,700 people at its locations in Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, China, India, Mexico, Korea and the USA.

In April 2018, ZKW was acquired 70% by LG Electronics and 30% by LG Corporation. Visit LG

On December 19, 2019, the rear lamp business of ​​LG was integrated into the ZKW Group. In the course of this, ZKW Lighting Systems Korea Co., Ltd was founded and the plant which previously run by LG in Ningbo (CN) was taken over. The rear lamp business is another milestone in the development of a 360-degree offer for the automotive industry.

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Management Board

Left to right: COO Stefan Hornivius, CFO Sangwook Woo, CEO Dr. Wilhelm Steger, CTO Udo Hornfeck

Major vehicle manufacturers already trust products by ZKW



Our vision 2025 – We are the ZKW Group – the specialist for innovative, premium lighting systems and electronics. As systems supplier, we are one of the world’s leading strategic partners to the automotive industry.

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Locations & Key figures

Headquartered in the Lower Austrian town of Wieselburg, the ZKW Group shapes the automotive industry all over the world. It maintains locations in Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, as well as in China, India, the USA, Korea and Mexico.

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Sustainability and Ethics

Sustainability and Ethics in the ZKW Group – Sustainability starts in the mind and all our actions are based on holistic thinking.

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Further contents

Lighting experts

What the ZKW Group has in common with nocturnal animals – Nocturnal animals can get by even with very little light. People, on the other hand, need modern lighting systems to move securely through the darkness. Sounds like a job for ZKW.

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ZKW and the pathway to a vision

ZKW shapes the look and character of vehicles across the world. With our discoveries and inventions, ZKW makes vehicles more desirable, more unique, safer, and more energy efficient. We continue this work today.

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Cooperation at twelve locations

Global player from Austria: ZKW focuses on international networking. Around 12,000 kilometers. That’s how far it is from Silao in Mexico to Dalian in China. But the distance doesn’t separate the ZKW Group locations in those cities. The lighting manufacturer focuses on international networking and close cooperation between its twelve locations in eight countries. That’s how ZKW developed itself into a global player from Austria.

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