Our vision 2025

Pioneering, premium lighting and electronic systems by ZKW for all mobility concepts in the global automotive industry.



Introduction to the ZKW Group

We are the ZKW Group – the specialist for innovative, premium lighting systems and electronics. As systems supplier, we are one of the world’s leading strategic partners to the automotive industry.

What we do

We develop and produce premium lighting systems and electronics modules for the automotive industry. By doing so, we shape the appearance and character of vehicles around the world.

Our Values

Be Bright

Engaged minds, an inventive spirit, and passion are key factors for success. Our customers all over the world benefit from our innovative capacity, paired with our common sense understanding and authentic quality.

Be Dynamic

Individual solutions demand flexibility, the courage to do something new, and the ability to take criticism. That’s why we focus on streamlined structures and continuous development.

Be Successful

Appreciation for our employees and our customers is at the center of everything we do. We conduct business and enjoy profitable growth based on this foundation.


ZKW Spirit

The Spirit is based on five fundamental values that describe how we want to see ourselves, how we want to act and what we want to expect from our colleagues. It also helps us to comply with our mindset – Be Bright, Be Dynamic, Be Successful.


Understand your job and deliver results in high quality. We value your experience and opinion. Work diligently and independently.
Stay open to learn new things.


Show readiness to contribute and commitment. Stay flexible in the spirit of the matter and stay focused on the needs of your customer.
See yourself as a team player and cooperate in a trustful way.


Respect and value your counterpart – also beyond cultural boarders. Let’s build bridges together!


Be proud of what we create together. Work with happiness, passion and energy. Be reliable and loyal.

Fair Play

Be open, honest and fair.
You can rely on your colleagues to do the same.


The ZKW Group applies an integrated management system based on the pillars of quality, environment, health and occupational safety.


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Lighting experts

What the ZKW Group has in common with nocturnal animals – Nocturnal animals can get by even with very little light. People, on the other hand, need modern lighting systems to move securely through the darkness. Sounds like a job for ZKW.

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ZKW and the pathway to a vision

ZKW shapes the look and character of vehicles across the world. With our discoveries and inventions, ZKW makes vehicles more desirable, more unique, safer, and more energy efficient. We continue this work today.

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Cooperation at twelve locations

Global player from Austria: ZKW focuses on international networking. Around 12,000 kilometers. That’s how far it is from Silao in Mexico to Dalian in China. But the distance doesn’t separate the ZKW Group locations in those cities. The lighting manufacturer focuses on international networking and close cooperation between its twelve locations in eight countries. That’s how ZKW developed itself into a global player from Austria.

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