Sustainability and Ethics at the ZKW Group

Sustainability begins in the mind and all our actions are based on holistic thinking.

As a global corporate group with an international production and purchasing network, we consider fulfilling our responsibilities in the areas of quality, business ethics, resource management, environmental protection, health and occupational safety as well as social considerations is an essential part of our activities. We also believe, we need to establish requirements to meet these demands in our supply chain.
By proactively managing our environmental impacts and continuously reducing our resource consumption, we are pursuing our goal of reducing the ecological footprint of our products throughout their life cycle. Preventive actions and thus a minimizing of risks for employees ensures a safe and healthy work environment. These factors in turn increase the quality of our products.
A constant flow of information and a motivated, safe and healthy work environment anchor these considerations in the minds of our employees. We have their commitment and collaboration to thank for ensuring ZKW has been able to establish processes with results that go far beyond statutory requirements.
Depending on our locations’ requirements, management system standards ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 are implemented or certified in part or in their entirety.
With this awareness, we have expanded our concept of quality: We only call a product high quality if it is produced as responsibly as possible by using innovative processes and by taking into account all work and safety aspects.
As a global player, however, the issue of social responsibility is becoming more and more a focus in our company – including in our supply chain. At ZKW, it is fundamentally important to us that all of our partners in our procurement network accept their social
responsibility towards their employees and society. Responsibility and competence permeate all levels of the company. All employees down to the smallest areas are included through active communication.

Ethics and Compliance

As an international company, ZKW has the obligation and the self-image to act responsibly and lawfully. We are aware of our responsibility and take it very seriously. The reputation and trust given to the business by customers, employees and business partners can be damaged by inappropriate behavior. For this reason, ZKW has developed a Code of Conduct, which describes the principles on which all ZKW employees work in daily dealings with each other, with customers and business partners. In addition, we have defined anti-corruption and whistleblowing policies and shared them with our employees.

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