Global player from Austria: ZKW focuses on international networking

Around 12,000 kilometers. That’s how far it is from Silao in Mexico to Dalian in China. But the distance doesn’t separate the ZKW Group locations in those cities. The lighting manufacturer focuses on international networking and close cooperation between its twelve locations in eight countries. That’s how ZKW developed itself into a global player from Austria.

The lighting manufacturer’s home lighthouses are located in Wieselburg and Wiener Neustadt, with international locations as well in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, China, India, the USA, Korea and Mexico.

That reach helps ZKW be wherever its customers are: everywhere. That’s the ambitious vision of the company: “Pioneering, premium lighting and electronic systems for all mobility concepts in the global automotive industry.”

International development network

Each location supports the others on specific projects. They do so through regular strategy meetings and visits. Furthermore, video conferences and other technologies are used for digital networking. Communication and marketing concepts apply across locations, and best practice projects are exported.

Cultural differences are the spice of life

The ZKW Group sees cultural differences as the spice of life, and promotes intercultural exchange through specific grant programs. Chinese customs, Mexican traditions, and Austrian habits: The company’s roughly 9,700 employees receive comprehensive training for global collaboration.

This creates a worldwide sense of solidarity that supports the exchange of expertise. A global network with international opportunities for growth – to provide the right light, anywhere in the world.

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