Products and innovations

The complexity of light technology systems used in modern vehicle headlamps is growing. The same is true of customer demands. A headlight is much more than just a light source – it is a key part of the car, truck, or motorcycle’s systems, and must integrate harmoniously into the manufacturer’s branded design.

The technologies such as LED or LASER have long been present: lighting technology, which enables innovative applications, but places new, higher demands on the electronics. In order to remain a leader in this field, ZKW is evolving from system integrator to system manufacturer.



Full performance despite significantly reduced size. Compact light modules are predestined for use in narrow headlights. Thanks to stripeZ, there are now barely any limits to the design freedom of planners and designers. The new design generation in headlamp construction is now ready for use. Safety on the roads in a slim and completely new design. This is stripeZ.

Our Products

Headlight, fog lights, daytime running lights. Laser, LED, xenon and halogen – any customer requirement will be met.

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The future of light

Our products don’t just light up the streets, they also improve safety at the same time. We identify and develop technology for the next-generation vehicles of the future. The following page will illuminate some current innovations at ZKW.

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Series production & quality

Where demands increase we react with new solutions. ZKW uses state-of-the-art technologies worldwide to maintain the quality standards that demand the utmost from all parties and components.

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Further contents


Great electronics

The reasons we need vehicle lights go far beyond simple lighting. ZKW is developing powerful background helpers so that modern headlights can bring their diverse functions to the streets in the best light possible: Highly precise electronics that make innovative lighting technology possible. After all, powerful lighting takes smart control.

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A dazzling innovation

Just a few thousandths of a millimeter in size, but an absolute innovation in vehicle lighting: Laser lights. They allow not only for new headlight designs, but also make street traffic safer.

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Autonomous driving and the importance of the right light

City center, a busy street. A pedestrian wants to cross the road, and tries to make eye contact with the driver. But there’s no one behind the wheel. The passengers are sitting comfortably in the back seat. Nevertheless, the communication works. The fully automated vehicle recognizes the pedestrian, brakes independently, and projects a virtual crosswalk on the asphalt. That means the person can cross the lit street safely, after which the vehicle can go on its way.

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