Growing and learning together

Do you want to apply your knowledge and skills in a leading automotive industry company? We are looking for young, talented employees to contribute their expertise to our enterprise. Let’s grow and learn together. At the ZKW Group, you have the opportunity to enter the professional world through internships, or complete your Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. with our support.


Trainees are our future!

Elisabeth Simmer

Personell & Organizational Development

Apprenticeship – A look into your future at ZKW

We develop and produce lighting and headlight systems as well as electronic components for automotive manufacturers all over the world. We focus on front lighting for premium segment vehicles – in addition, we produce fog lights, daytime driving light modules, front lights, and small products light blinkers, entryway, license plate, and various interior lights.

As an OEM supplier, ZKW works closely with development centers in the automotive industry so we can continue offering our customers innovative, customized products like halogen, xenon, or LED headlights.

First Wieselburg, then the world

Our motivated, qualified employees work successfully – concentrating on the lighting technology of the future. Many of them learned their trade at ZKW, and prove their abilities with us day by day.

We promote young professionals today so we can give them major responsibilities tomorrow – that’s our motto. Anyone who trains at ZKW will have qualified trainers at their side, receiving systematic support and advising right from the start. This is how we transmit learning content based on students’ individual needs.

We provide most training at our main plant in Wieselburg. Even there, trainees take part in complex and diverse processes throughout the broad and diverse company. Only training for the process technology apprenticeship will take place for the first time at our Lower Austrian electronics site in Wiener Neustadt from the 2022 school year. Once they have their diplomas in hand, the whole world of ZKW is open to them – both in Austria and around the globe.


Good employees are in demand

A passion for technology, enjoyment of teamwork, and a sense of achievement – this and much more is what apprentices find at ZKW. Curious now? Then find out here about the apprenticeships we offer in the technical and commercial fields.

Basic information on training at ZKW

We offer training at two locations – in the company and in our vocational school. Trainees spend around 80 percent of their time in the company, and the rest of their time is spent on theoretical and practical training in our vocational school. Training at ZKW takes three to four years, depending on the chosen profession.

Apprentices in Wieselburg


Automation technology and robotics

Apprenticeship period
Four years

Vocational school


  • self-organization
  • accuracy
  • technical understanding
  • logical thinking
  • joy in the combination of handicraft and technology

Training content

  • Setting up, maintaining and servicing systems and building technology as well as electrical machinery, devices and systems
  • Locate and eliminate errors and malfunctions in systems, electrical machinery, devices and systems
  • Setting up, restoring and documenting protective measures to prevent personal injury and damage to property
  • Creating sketches with the help of CAD
  • Programming and operating computer-aided CNC machine tools

Work areas and duties

During the apprenticeship mechatronics the apprentices deal with the production of machinery and plant components. Initially on manually operated machines and then also with CNC machines. Furthermore, the apprentice deals with the assembly of such components as well as the electrical and pneumatic construction of the systems, which are finally put into operation.

Also tasks like maintenance and repair of such and other machines, e.g. plastic injection machines, are part of the mechatronics apprenticeship. In the course of the training, the apprentice learns all the skills needed to assemble, commission and operate mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and robotic systems.


Metal technology / toolmaking technology

Apprenticeship period
Three and a half years

Vocational school


  • technical understanding
  • quick comprehension
  • accuracy

Training content

  • Machining mechanical parts, assembling mechanical assemblies and components
  • Create and modify production programs for computer-aided (CNC) machines
  • Manufacture, test, commission and maintain cutting, punching and forming tools
  • Read and apply technical documentation
  • Determine work steps, means and methods

Work areas and duties

Toolmaking technicians manufacture the cutting tools, punching tools and forming tools for processing machines, as well as the devices used to fasten workpieces and tools. This also includes the maintenance and repair of these tools. They machine metals using techniques such as measuring, scribing, filing, grinding, sawing, drilling, reaming, threading, riveting and chiseling, straightening and bending, and polishing. They are also proficient in gluing, soldering and brazing, scraping and making simple springs.

Other techniques used by toolmaking technicians include longitudinal turning and facing, milling, eroding and electric welding. Toolmaking technicians produce fits and relevant workpieces, taking into account the prescribed fit standards. In doing so, they apply precision machining techniques.

When maintaining and repairing machine tools and dies, tool and die technicians systematically search for errors and malfunctions, then isolate and eventually correct them. Tool and die technicians read blueprints and manufacturing drawings or make them themselves. They also create and modify manufacturing programs for computer-aided CNC machine tools.

Design Tooling Technology

Apprenticeship period
four years 

Vocational school


  • Accuracy
  • Orderliness
  • Thoroughness
  • Creativity
  • teamwork
  • technical understanding

Training content

  • Knowledge of the materials and auxiliary materials to be used, their properties as well as their processing
  • Design activity, mostly on computerized systems (CAD system such as CATIA V5 or Siemens NX)
  • Preparation of technical product specifications (tolerances, fits, surface finish, material specifications, heat treatment specifications)
  • Knowledge of the basics of standardization

Work areas and duties

In the apprenticeship as a toolmaking designer at ZKW, students pass through various specialist areas in order to achieve the best possible level of training for this field. The main focus of the training is on the design of headlamp components. The predominant proportion of geometrically demanding plastic components in headlights requires a high level of basic technical understanding and CAD (computer-aided design) skills.

In the first few months, the training focus is therefore on learning CAD skills coupled with initial simple plastic design guidelines. After completion of this training phase, the first simple changes can be made to the virtual 3D model of existing components. In the later course of the training, further specialist departments are passed through in order to further deepen the required skills.

Information technology (operating technology and systems engineering)

Apprenticeship period
Four years

Vocational school


  • technical understanding
  • mathematical-calculative ability
  • logical-analytical thinking
  • Language skills

Training content

  • Recording the needs (including security requirements) of the customer or user and transferring them to a network topology
  • Designing the appropriate network infrastructure, installing and configuring the network components
  • Selecting and commissioning new network components
  • Configuring server systems and their basic services, testing the configuration
  • Maintaining and administering server systems
  • Creating user manuals and documenting all work performed and tests in accordance with company-specific quality management
  • Informing, advising, supporting and, if necessary, training customers and users as well as offering operational services.

Work areas and duties

Information technologists in the field of technology are – to put it simply – computer technicians, whereby their field of activity can extend to all devices of “information and communication technology” (abbreviated to “IT”). This primarily includes computers of all types (personal computers or “PCs”, servers and workstations in networks, laptops/notebooks, etc.), auxiliary or peripheral devices (printers, scanners, copiers, input devices such as mice and keyboards), and networks (connecting lines or devices for wireless connection, so-called “wireless networks”).

The most important tasks of information technologists in the field of technology are the assembly of IT equipment, the installation and setup of new IT equipment, the installation of software (operating systems, office programs – these are programs for word processing, spreadsheets, presentation creation or data entry, etc.), the consultation and training of users, the continuous maintenance of equipment and software (installation of improved versions of programs, so-called “updates”) as well as the repair of defective equipment and lines or the replacement of defective individual parts (e.g. computer hard drives).

Plastics engineer

Apprenticeship period
four years

Vocational school


  • Interest in technology and automation
  • analytic capability of thinking
  • logic
  • technical understanding

Training content

  • Setting up, programming and operating high-tech equipment (injection molding machines)
  • Carrying out production releases at the start of production
  • Carrying out mold sampling with subsequent recording and documentation of technical data on the work sequence, work results and process parameters
  • Reading and applying shop drawings and technical documentation
  • Determining work steps, work equipment, work methods and instructing production personnel in accordance with work, testing and safety instructions

Work areas and duties

Objects made of plastic are of great importance in modern technology, for example in the household, leisure or in the automotive sector. They are manufactured using technically sophisticated, computer-controlled, semi- and fully-automatic injection molding machines and systems. Plastics technicians know the properties of the materials to be processed and their specific areas of application. They set up the equipment for the respective production run, optimize the production process, monitor the quality of the products and take appropriate action in the event of malfunctions.


Industrial clerk

Apprenticeship period
Three years

Vocational school


  • accurate working
  • teamwork
  • interested in commercial activities
  • independence

Training content

  • Understanding company and commercial work processes
  • Administrative work and correspondence
  • Obtain and process offers and orders
  • Basic skills in corporate accounting in the areas of finances, calculations, payroll accounting, and bookkeeping
  • Understanding the company’s overall organizational structure
  • Understanding duties and responsibilities in the different areas of the company

Work areas and duties

Industrial clerks complete office, administrative, and organizational duties in industrial companies in all economic sectors. They work, for instance, in purchasing, materials management, accounting, the HR area, sales, or marketing. Industrial clerks working in purchasing provide the raw, auxiliary, and operating materials needed for industrial production processes. Industrial clerks working in sales process customer orders and customer inquiries.

In the warehouse, industrial clerks control incoming and outgoing goods and materials, issue warehouse receipt slips, and maintain inventory lists and card files, usually with IT supported applications. Industrial clerks working in HR calculate wages and salaries for employees working at the company.

Apprenticeship in Wiener Neustadt

Process engineering

Apprenticeship period
three and a half years

Vocational school


  • interest in technology and automation
  • Technical understanding
  • Logical-analytical thinking
  • Pleasure in organizational activities

Training content

  • Operating and monitoring workflows of production machines as well as recognizing and eliminating simple malfunctions in the production process
  • Programming and setting computer-controlled machines and systems
  • Controlling and monitoring production processes
  • Reading and applying technical documents, e.g. sketches, drawings, work instructions, work plans, assembly layouts, product control plans, operating instructions, maintenance plans, maintenance plans, circuit diagrams
  • conversion and implementation of specified work steps, means and methods
  • Selection, procurement, inspection and storage of required materials (raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials)
  • Planning the use of tools, devices and technical production aids, in particular for computer-aided manufacturing machines and systems
  • Setting up, retooling, loading, starting up and emptying production facilities
  • Use of company-specific information and communication technologies
  • Monitoring and ensuring production quality
  • Maintenance of tools, machines and equipment

Work areas and duties

Optimal production processes are the heart of production at ZKW Elektronik GmbH. Process technicians ensure that these very processes are constantly improved by controlling, monitoring and repairing these machines, as well as operating, maintaining and optimizing the associated computer systems.
With this specialized knowledge, process engineers become an irreplaceable element within any manufacturing process. They are experts who not only systematically control production processes and investigate their weak points, but also document and continuously improve them. They not only look at the manufacturing section of the overall production, but as higher-level experts also keep an eye on the processes in logistics and quality control.


Apply online now for an apprenticeship 2023

Trial apprenticeship

If you are still unsure which apprenticeship best fits your skills and interests – then simply come to our company and do a “trial apprenticeship”.

This first contact with your desired profession directly supports you in comparing your personal career ideas with the professional reality on site. This way, you can quickly and easily find your suitable apprenticeship position and train to become a highly qualified specialist.

Send us your online application for your desired trial day!

Apprenticeship with Matura

Education with added value

The professional and personal development of our apprentices is very important to us – we support both to the best of our ability. One offer in this context is the apprenticeship with Matura – in this way we support the combination of practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge. Who takes this route gains the best possible qualifications.

The combination of apprenticeship and Matura makes it possible for our apprentices to learn their dream job, earn their own money in the process, and yet not have to miss out on the Matura. With their degree in their pocket, they have access to all fields of study – and their career opportunities at ZKW itself are greatly increased.

This is how it works

We offer the apprenticeship with Matura starting in the second year of apprenticeship; determined apprentices can thus take the Berufsreifeprüfung during their apprenticeship. The courses are taught in German, English and Mathematics – at ZKW and mainly during working hours.

We are happy to inform you about all details of the apprenticeship with Matura in a personal conversation.


I look forward to updating you on our development programs.

Ulrika Malmström

Human Resources Management

Students and interested people pay attention.

At ZKW Group, you have the opportunity to enter internships in the professional world or to complete your Bachelor, Diploma or Master’s thesis with our support.

Challenging duties are waiting for YOU

We offer you the opportunity to obtain deep insight into work processes at an innovative and forward-thinking industry leader in the automotive industry through a professional internship. You will take on responsibility and duties, and work independently at your own work station. We give you the space to discover your commitment, your ambition, and your personal initiative. Challenging duties are waiting for you, and you’ll need excellent communication skills and a team spirit to handle them.

We generally offer trainee positions in all technical areas, most of which can serve as a jumping off point for a career with our company later on.

Application and current jobs

You can find current available internships in our job portal You are also welcome to send us a speculative application with a cover letter, CV, and references.

Job search

The future of the industry in your hands?

At ZKW, we’re very interested in your suggested topics for your thesis, and we’re also happy to work with you to find forward-thinking and practical topics. You will be assigned a personal advisor while writing your Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. thesis with us, and you will be integrated into company processes through your internship.

We want your final thesis to help shape the future of our industry. That’s why we want to grow and perform alongside you.

Application and current jobs

You can find current available internships in our job portal You are also welcome to send us a speculative application with a cover letter, CV, and references.

Job search

Speculative application Wieselburg

Speculative application Wiener Neustadt

Connected to research and training

Collaboration with schools, vocational colleges, and universities plays an important role in ZKW HR. These are just some of the services we offer:

  • Company tours for high school and university students
  • Holiday and professional internships
  • Company presentations
  • Support in writing Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral theses

Company shuttle

Cooperation with the IAESTE student organization, which comes to ZKW headquarters for a company visit each year with students from technical universities (TU Wien, JKU Linz). Students receive intensive insight into research and & development as well as production.

ZKW cooperates with the following educational institutions:


  • Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
  • Montanuniversität Leoben
  • Technische Universität Wien

Vocational colleges 

  • FH Steyr
  • FH Technikum Wien
  • FH Wels
  • FH Wiener Neustadt

Secondary schools 

  • HTL St. Pölten
  • HTL Steyr
  • HTL Waidhofen/Ybbs

Insight for high school and university students

Choosing a career, and the company where you want to do your training and possibly work later on – these are the kinds of decisions that lay the groundwork for personal success.

To help young people make these decisions, ZKW offers excursions for secondary school classes and university student groups. Participants get to know the company, its employees, and their everyday work during company tours.

Target audiences

  • General secondary school (above 3rd class)
  • Classes from polytechnical schools in Wieselburg and Wr. Neustadt
  • Classes from technical vocational schools and higher technical institutions
  • Student groups from vocational schools and universities with a technical focus

When are excursions available: year-round, with advance registration How long do company tours last: around three hours

Application and current jobs

You can find current available internships in our job portal You are also welcome to send us a speculative application with a cover letter, CV, and references.

Job search

Speculative application Wieselburg

Speculative application Wiener Neustadt

Explore careers and earn money

Are you a secondary school or university student who wants to earn money over the summer or complete a required internship?

ZKW offers you the opportunity to do so in a variety of departments. You can start a position with us in commercial or technical areas or in production – from July to September.


  • When? Beginning of September – end of February
  • How? Applications only accepted online
  • What? Application should include a cover letter, CV, and most recent grades

Further contents


Competence Training Center

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