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As an international company, ZKW is committed to acting responsibly and lawfully. These values are part of our self-concept as an enterprise. We feel this responsibility both as a company and as part of our society, and we feel it is key to securing our long-term economic success.

Inappropriate behavior, even if only engaged in by individuals, can severely damage the trust and respect we enjoy from our customers, employees, business partners, and society at large. Because of this, we all bear responsibility for our company’s reputation.

If you as a business partner or ZKW employee have a well-founded suspicion of unacceptable behavior that violates the law, corporate guidelines, the Code of Conduct, or similar requirements, we actively encourage you to report such issues through our whistleblower portal either anonymously or by providing your name.

If you have any questions, please contact the following e-mail address: whistleblowing@zkw-group.com

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