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Suppliers, quality, pricing, contract and delivery performance. At ZKW, we have the highest expectations from our suppliers and service providers in all of these areas. In addition, in order to ensure a successful cooperation, we expect transparency, a focus on the customer and flexibility, as well as support for our processes and systems.

In order to guarantee long-term business relationships with our strategic partners, we work to build mutual trust and ensure reliability, to jointly develop innovative technologies, and ensure we can gain access to strong and expanding markets and customers.
Because of this, we expect that our suppliers share our innovative working approach and mindset, in order to offer our customers cost and market advantages.

Partnerships with our suppliers

We are convinced that mutual respect serves as the best foundation for good and professional supplier relationships. This conviction is reflected in our principles for responsible purchasing.
At ZKW, registering and qualifying suppliers is a key part of our supplier management. Our goal is to select the best possible suppliers based on our basic guidelines and principles, which are stated in our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase.
Beyond this minimum level of qualification, we require additional, specialized qualifications for some business areas and product groups. The number and type of qualifications are dependent on the supplier’s specific business field.

ZKW will initiate the registration and qualification process. You will receive an e-mail with a request to register first in the Ariba network, and then on the ZKW supplier portal. If you are a supplier with a registered SAP Ariba network, after you receive the e-mail request you can log in with your access details to the Ariba network and then start your registration on the ZKW supplier portal. Answers to frequently asked questions are provided in the FAQs below.

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Become a supplier

Generally, ZKW will initiate the registration and qualification process.

New suppliers can only register on the ZKW supplier portal with an invitation.

Data exchange

Documents & Forms

  ZKW supplier registration – quick guide

Additional information on registering in the SAP Ariba network is available in our FAQs.
Registration is a technical requirement in order to initiate the qualification and therefore the business partnership between your company and ZKW.

Documents and Forms

Safety Guidelines


SAP Ariba is a software solution for purchasing. It offers a wide range of functions for handling business processes simply and efficiently. All information is provided on a platform, which ensures a uniform and consistent user view, while facilitating electronic collaboration between customers and suppliers. Millions of commercial partners are registered on SAP Ariba in 190 different countries.

Ariba is web-based, so all you need is an internet connection and a web browser. In addition, you will need an e-mail account for electronic receipt exchange via Light Enablement.

Register for the Ariba network to interact electronically with ZKW and other customers and tap into new business potential. You can register yourself using one of the following links, or receive an invitation from us or from another company.
Use this link to access the Ariba network login page:
Click this link for information on the advantages of the Ariba network:über-uns/eyjs/ariba-network

You have two options for using the Ariba network:

  • Standard account (free of charge)
  • Enterprise account (charged)


Standard account

Enterprise account


Free of charge


Reporting options



Receiving and processing orders

Only via e-mail and the provided link. Only manual processing possible.

Directly in the Ariba network portal

Creating invoices

Only via e-mail and the provided link. Only manual processing possible.

Directly in the Ariba network portal

Displaying catalogs for customers

not possible


Detailed display of receipts

No, receipts must always be opened via the e-mail link to display

Separate tab to display orders, invoices and record services in SAP Ariba

Automated receipt exchange

not possible


Contact for questions

Online Help Center

Assigned Ariba support office

Once you have received the invitation e-mail from ZKW, you can register by completing the following steps:
a. click the link in the invitation e-mail from ZKW
b. If you do not have an Ariba account, click «register». Once you have successfully registered your Ariba account, you will be forwarded automatically to register as a ZKW supplier.
If you already have an Ariba account, click «Log in» and you will be sent directly to the questionnaire.
c. Complete the questionnaire. Scroll to the very bottom, then click the «Submit all answers» button to send the questionnaire in for review, or click «Send message» to send a question to the registration manager. You can view message you receive from ZKW regarding questionnaires at the top left under «Project messages».
Note: If you do not want to complete the questionnaire and send it in all at once, you can log in to your supplier portal at a later time via If you forget your user name, you can find it in the e-mail from Ariba with the subject «Welcome to the Ariba Commerce Cloud», which you received after you registered your Ariba account.
The questionnaire is in your supplier portal under «Calls for tenders».
d. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that you submitted the questionnaire and that it is under review.
e. You will be informed whether ZKW has approved or rejected your questionnaire via e-mail, and what the next steps are.

General company data (address, banking information, …) will be collected during your registration. The certificate status and product group-specific questionnaires will be collected during qualification.

If you forget your Ariba network password or user name, click the “Forgot user name or password” link at Ariba will then send you instructions, for instance to reset your password.

The Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) is a system managed by Dun & Bradstreet that assigns a uniform number to every company. You can find the DUNS number for your company at the following link:

Select the products and services your company sells. Please only select categories listed under purchasing materials. In case of doubt, please get in touch with your contact person at ZKW to determine which product groups should be selected. If you select the wrong product group, this will delay approval of your registration.

You have 30 days to complete your registration. You will receive a reminder before the end of this period which will remind you to continue the registration you have started.

Yes, all legally independent units (production sites) must be registered separately. Non legally independent production sites / development sites can be added under points 6.3 and 6.4 in the questionnaire.

Where do I find additional support on the Ariba Network?
Ariba offers many FAQs and Learning Tutorials:
Click: Access Pre-Login Help Center.

Sie können auch diesen Link verwenden:

Advantages: You will be part of the Ariba network – the largest business network in the world. You can find new suppliers and customers, and you can use the portal with other customers.

Log in using your access details; you can find all information on your account in the user menu, under account settings.

Once you receive the e-mail, please log in using your access details and complete the qualification questionnaire.

For technical reasons, the qualification questionnaires must be separated for qualification of different commodities.

In order to participate in Ariba Sourcing events (e.g. to respond to requests and for submitting proposals in accordance with ZKW’s policies and procedures), all designated and selected suppliers must first register and fill out the questionnaire through the Ariba SLP – Supplier Registration (The application for or acceptance of this supplier registration request does not automatically guarantee business with ZKW)

Suppliers are required, in order to submit the registration questionnaire, to obtain a username and password (SAP ARIBA network account) to access the system.

Supplier registration is for the company. However, during the registration, the authorized/designated user to complete and submit the supplier registration questionnaire will be required to sign up to SAP ARIBA in order to gain access to the company’s information.

SAP ARIBA does not share supplier’s registration information between different companies. Suppliers that were previously registered on SAP ARIBA and are not registered with ZKW must separately submit the ZKW supplier registration questionnaire.

Email notifications will be sent to the supplier contact person. The primary contact person will receive all status updates, notifications, or also ZKW official notifications based on the email used at the time of registration. Suppliers are able to maintain their primary contact person and other designated users roles via SAP ARIBA network. SAP ARIBA has tutorials specific for maintaining sap user roles under

Supplier shall not forward the invitation but rather get in touch with the ZKW contact mentioned on the invitation and ask for sending the invitation to another user.

Suppliers who fail to receive ZKW Ariba invitations or email notifications should contact the ZKW Procurement Contact to confirm the primary contact person information. ZKW will be able to re-trigger the invitation and email notifications as required. Please also check if the invitation mail has potentially been moved to your SPAM folder

A previous user has accessed the link (shared inboxes). If the supplier profile was not accessed yet, ZKW can reactivate the link by resending the invitation. Supplier shall also deactivate pop-up / ad blockers (see Ariba note:

If you already have an ANID you do not need a second ANID. Following the link in the registration invite you can choose to “logon” with your existing ANID by using your user and password.

Supplier should check if the ‘ZKW GROUP GMBH’ Tab is visible.

1. If ‘ZKW GROUP GMBH is not visible, the registration with the ZKW realm was not successful. The supplier user who receives the registration invitation email should use log in credentials associated with his email ID since the registration link in the email is a personalized one.
2. If ‘ZKW GROUP GMBH’ is visible, the Supplier Registration Questionnaire is available on the ‘Registration Questionnaires’ section of the ‘ZKW GROUP GMBH’ Tab. Supplier who will only see a blank supplier dashboard (no registration questionnaire visible), Supplier shall deactivate pop-up / ad blockers (see Ariba note:

The initial invitation will expire 30 days after being received. ZKW can upon request extend the questionnaire time to suppliers that have gathered all requirements and are ready to submit their registration questionnaire for evaluation. In order to get a time extension after the 30 days, please contact ZKW and request a time extension.

All companies supplying goods and services for ZKW are required to be registered with ZKW using the Ariba SLP – Supplier Registration. ZKW uses SAP ARIBA to onboard potential suppliers (registration). The application for or acceptance of this supplier registration request does not automatically guarantee business with ZKW.