The purchasing strategy of the ZKW Group is a key building block in our corporate planning. We see the best possible supplier management as a central challenge, and a reliable supply chain as essential to the current and future success of our company.

We maintain long-term business relationships built on trust with our existing suppliers, relationships that include close cooperation with an eye toward product development. We are actively engaged in supplier development in certain segments – particularly in areas where ZKW is opening up new markets.

ZKW Group GmbH

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Supplier portal

Requirements and formalities

Before the ZKW Group can begin a collaboration with a new partner, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • The new supplier must register under Become a supplier – Register.
  • The new supplier must create an initial user after receiving access details via e-mail.
  • The new supplier must send the completed self-assessment form to this initial user.
  • The new supplier shall provide certification under ISO 9001 in its current valid version as a minimum quality management requirement. It shall have an environmental management system pursuant to ISO 14001. The supplier should continue to develop its quality management system pursuant to the requirements of IATF 16949.
  • The new supplier must provide ZKW with complete informational material on its company (brochures, presentations, references)
  • The new supplier must acknowledge ZKW purchasing rights and contract standards, as well as quality warranty, and other ZKW guidelines; in addition, it must provide proof of liability insurance

ZKW will complete a company inspection at the new supplier’s location and will complete a supplier assessment. Forms required for this purpose are available on


Supplier portal

Become a supplier

We ask new suppliers to register and send us some information on their company and their product portfolio.


Data exchange

Documents and forms for download

OEM specific requirements



Suppliers in the VW Group supply chain can register directly in the “VW Group Supply Portal” and will receive access to current documents (formula Q concrete, formula Q capability, standards online, etc.)

VW form Q concrete


Guidelines and agreements



Purchasing conditions

Logistical requirements

Quality guidelines

Quality specification QV 800 01 (environmentally hazardous substances)

Quality Regulation QV 800 00 for ecological product development

Additional documents and empty forms



Cost Breakdown

Labeling delivered products

Feasibility analysis

Packaging data sheet

Packaging guideline

Tool cost detail

Supplier change request

ESD check list

Conflict minerals

Container label „make parts“

Pickup request „make parts“

Safety Guidelines