New Opel Astra Launches with Premium LED Light from ZKW

Intelligent, high-resolution Pixel Lite ensures better road safety and comfort

ZKW installed the first version of the pioneering LED Matrix light in the Opel Astra in 2015. Now, the next stage of development is ready to launch: With a total of 168 LED elements (84 per headlamp), the “Intelli-Lux” Pixel Lite developed by the Wieselburg lighting specialists delivers a precise and fluid lighting gradient tailored to the specific situation at hand, without creating glare for other road users. The light module and electronic components are integrated into the extra-slim front headlamps. The Intelli-Lux precisely cuts out oncoming vehicles in just milliseconds. The other areas continue to be illuminated with full high beams. “The intelligent Pixel Lite used in the new Opel Astra is setting new standards in the compact class. It provides adaptive support to the driver, ensures driving comfort, and delivers more road safety” explains Oliver Schubert, CEO of the ZKW Group.

High-resolution premium lighting
The Intelli-Lux LED Pixel Lite, which is already popular on the Opel models Insignia and Grandland, is now celebrating its debut on the new Astra. ZKW has significantly improved and further developed the previous Matrix light. The new Intelli-Lux has more, smaller segments, allowing it to achieve higher resolution and lighting quality: Compared to the previous Matrix system, the new Pixel Light has not only vertical, but also horizontal segments for both high and low beams. This technology makes it possible to illuminate the gap created when masking the oncoming vehicle or vehicles traveling in front of the reference car. The other road users are recorded by a front camera, the signals from which control the LED module in the headlamp.

Elegant design, Made in Austria
The “wing” design is a striking feature on the daytime running lights of the new Astra – it uses specially developed micro-optics to deliver a homogeneous appearance, appearing evenly white when switched off. The exterior chrome plated designer panel underscores the side line of the Astra, which travels over the main headlamp and the grill, and throughout the entire front of the vehicle. The Intelli-Lux was developed at ZKW’s headquarters in Wieselburg. The Pixel Lite controller was created through close collaboration between the Wieselburg engineers and the ZKW electronics plant in Wiener Neustadt, where the control modules are also produced. The Intelli-Lux LED Pixel Lite is manufactured at ZKW’s Slovakian location in Krusovce. in addition to the Intelli-Lux for the Opel Astra, ZKW also delivers the Insignia headlamps.


Note: Intellilux LED® is a registered trademark of Opel.

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