ZKW and ÖAMTC Fahrtechnik organize joint training courses

Lighting technology training for ÖAMTC driving technology instructors at ZKW in Wieselburg


ZKW and ÖAMTC Fahrtechnik cooperate closely in the training of instructors. In February and March, the partners will hold lighting technology training courses for around 160 ÖAMTC driving technology instructors from all over Austria directly at ZKW’s Wieselburg site. The content of the training courses includes the latest headlamp developments and technologies (such as glare-free high beam), the complexity of vehicle lighting, correct headlamp settings, international legal requirements and the future of lighting systems. “We are very pleased that we as ZKW are making a significant contribution to driving safety with the ÖAMTC training courses,” says Dr Wilhelm Steger, CEO of ZKW Group GmbH.

Important know-how conveyed in a compact form
In addition to exciting insights into the development, production and technology of modern headlights, the participants of the training courses receive a wide range of information on the functions, operation and possibilities of current lighting systems. The topics range from adaptive, glare-free high beam to signal and main beam functions to AFS functions for the low beam. In addition, important legal questions are answered, for example about relevant legal principles for vehicle lighting or which international regulations must be observed. “Our training courses are designed to convey the essential know-how about modern automotive lighting systems in a compact and easy-to-understand way,” says Andreas Nix, Site Manager of ZKW Lichtsysteme GmbH in Wieselburg.

Perfect partnership
ÖAMTC Fahrtechnik trains new drivers and experienced drivers in driving safety at eight locations in Austria. Driving technique courses for sporty drivers are also offered, for example at the Fahrtechnik Zentrum Melk, which operates its own race track, the Wachauring. You can register at the ÖAMTC Fahrtechnik Zentrum am Wachauring by calling 07252/52855-32200 or fahrtechnik.wachauring@oeamtc.at.

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