ZKW Elektronik GmbH and ZKW Lichtsysteme GmbH merge

Merging of the companies enables synergies and greater efficiency


In September 2023, ZKW Elektronik GmbH and ZKW Lichtsysteme GmbH will merge into one company. The respective production operations at the sites in Wiener Neustadt and at the company headquarters in Wieselburg will be continued without restriction. The aim of the integration is, among other things, to bundle the competencies of both locations, to use resources more efficiently and to accelerate decision-making. “By merging the two companies, we want to exploit synergies, strengthen cooperation between the two sites and sharpen our global electronics strategy,” says Dr. Wilhelm Steger, CEO of the ZKW Group.

The integration of ZKW Elektronik GmbH also results in personnel changes. Mathias Köhler, previous General Plant Manager, will leave the company at his own request with the merger. As his successor, Andreas Nix, Managing Director of ZKW Lichtsysteme GmbH in Wieselburg, will additionally take over the management of ZKW Elektronik GmbH. Hermann Seitz will be responsible for the position of Head of Operations and the site management of the ZKW site in Wiener Neustadt. Hermann Seitz brings with him a great deal of experience; he has already held many positions at the lighting systems specialist, including General Plant Manager of the ZKW Elektronik plant in Wiener Neustadt.

The company merger will not affect employment relationships. “I am pleased to lead ZKW Lichtsysteme and ZKW Elektronik into the future as Managing Director under the umbrella of ZKW Lichtsysteme. We will thus strengthen the Electronics and Software divisions even further. For the experts from Wiener Neustadt, this also means that they will move from being a Tier 2 supplier to a Tier 1 supplier and will thus be in direct contact with our customers, which will bring us decisive added value as a company,” Andreas Nix, General Plant Manager of ZKW Lichtsysteme, is pleased to say.

Exploiting synergy potential
A number of positive aspects are associated with the merger. These include consolidated financial reporting, shorter decision-making paths and greater resource efficiency. “It is a common step in the industry to bundle production plants in the same country into one company. ZKW Lichtsysteme GmbH is the largest customer of the ZKW electronics plant in Wiener Neustadt. Therefore, the integration is particularly profitable,” notes Dr. Steger.

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