ZKW honored with German Innovation Award and GM/Geely Supplier Awards

International awards for smart innovations and high delivery reliability and quality

ZKW has received no less than three top-class awards in recent months. At the German Innovation Awards, the lighting systems specialist’s “Black Box” won in the “Excellence in Business to Business – Machines & Engineering” category. The fully automated robot station accelerates and simplifies the processing and quality inspection of headlight lenses. In addition, the ZKW sites in Krušovce (Slovakia) and Dalian (China) received awards for their excellent delivery reliability and quality. ZKW Slovakia received the “GM Customer Care and Aftersales On-Time Shipping Award 2021” from General Motors, while ZKW China received the “Outstanding Contribution Award” from vehicle manufacturer Geely. The awards reward the lighting systems specialist exceptional performance in Europe and China. Despite pandemic-related restrictions, ZKW was able to fulfill its supply contracts with GM and Geely on time, reliably and in high quality. “We are particularly pleased with the awards because they reward the efforts of our employees for customers worldwide,” explains Dr. Wilhelm Steger, CEO of the ZKW Group.

German Innovation Award for Black Box The ZKW Black Box has won the German Innovation Award 2022 in the category “Excellence in Business to Business – Machines & Engineering”. “The fully automated handling, inspection and packaging system for optical parts enables the simultaneous processing and quality inspection of different headlight lenses without changeover times,” explains Stefan Hauptmann, General Plant Manager ZKW Lichtsysteme. The smart system, developed together with two cooperation partners, helps to increase quality, efficiency, safety and competitiveness. Top supplier for GM In Slovakia, ZKW has received two certificates from General Motors. The “GM Customer Care and Aftersales On-Time Shipping Award 2021” in platinum honors the ZKW plant for its outstanding performance as a supplier for GM Korea and GM Customer Care & Aftersales North America. In particular, the award recognizes the on-time delivery of spare parts for the two companies. At its Krušovce site, ZKW manufactures spare parts for the Opel Astra and Insignia models and GM Buick, among others. Geely Awarded ZKW Dalian Outstanding Contribution Award Top ten supplier in China The ZKW site in Dalian has received twice the “Outstanding Contribution Award” from the Chinese automotive group Geely. The main criterion for the award is the outstanding performance as a supplier for the market launch of the new SUV model Geely Xingyue L. The particular challenge of the project was the advanced start of production of the vehicle. Despite the high time pressure, ZKW Dalian was able to develop, manufacture and deliver the HDL LED front headlamp for the new Geely Xingyue L on time. The lighting systems specialist also produces lighting for other models of the Chinese automotive brand – including front, fog and auxiliary headlights for the Geely Lynk&Co, ZKW Dalian factory also won the second ” Outstanding Contribution Award ” issued by Geely for its high-quality delivery standard in Lynk&Co 09 models. “All employees at ZKW Dalian deserve great thanks and respect for this extraordinary achievement,” emphasizes Dr. Steger.
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