ZKW Supports Pediatric Cancer Research at St. Anna

As part of an in-house fundraising campaign, the employees of ZKW in Wieselburg have worked hard to collect contributions in support of pediatric cancer research at St. Anna Children´s Hospital.

The donation box was first put out during the Christmas party on December 1, 2018, and after that it could be found in the reception area of the company which is based in Lower Austria. Overall, ZKW staff had raised an impressive 1,100 euros by the end of January 2019, which company management then increased to 8,500 euros. On February 13, the management team presented the donation check to the St. Anna Pediatric Cancer Research Institute. “We are proud that so many of our colleagues participated in this campaign and that we have been able to support research and treatment for children with cancer,” says Oliver Schubert, CEO of ZKW Group GmbH.

“Thanks to modern treatment options, up to 80 percent of all children and teens with cancer can now be cured. Our job is to continue that success story, which we can only do with the help of our family of donors. We are grateful to ZKW for their very successful donation campaign,” adds Andrea Prantl, who manages donations for the St. Anna Pediatric Cancer Research Institute.

Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a central part of ZKW’s company philosophy. In addition to supporting the St. Anna Pediatric Cancer Research Institute, the company also supports various charitable organizations such as the local volunteer fire brigade and the Red Cross, as well as families in need in the region on a case-by-case basis. ZKW provides its employees with an in-house nursery, an extensive sports program, and a new company restaurant that is now twice as large as before. “As the region’s largest employer, it is important to us to fulfill our social obligations and provide support where help is really needed,” summarizes Oliver Schubert.

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