Experience the lighting systems of tomorrow at the 67th IAA

Experience the lighting systems of tomorrow at the 67th IAA

As one of the global leaders in lighting and electronics technology, for the first time, ZKW is granting exclusive insights into the next generation of lighting and electronics systems. At the 67th IAA, ZKW is putting targeted focus on the subject “Future now”, making the IAA motto perceptible. Over nearly 170 m2, “Autonomous driving from the view of the lighting manufacturer” will be in the spotlight. Literally!

Wieselburg, September 7, 2017. As one of the globally active lighting and electronics manufacturers, for decades ZKW has been supplying many well-known brands in the automotive sectors with innovations for high quality vehicle lighting. With this technology, ZKW has reached milestones including safer driving at night.

Core topic “Autonomous driving from the view of the lighting manufacturer” At the first trade show appearance of ZKW at the 67th IAA, the company will present the next generation of lighting systems and is already looking toward the lighting solutions of tomorrow with new innovations. “In the coming years, we want to set the stage for entirely new mobility concepts using intelligent solutions. To do this, we are more strongly investing in new technologies. We will become more and more involved in managing the innovations of the future in a targeted and sustainable manner. We’ll show this during our first appearance at the IAA”, says ZKW Group CEO Oliver Schubert.

Trade show stand with interactive participation A walk-in light room encompassing 170 m2 will be installed in Frankfurt. Here ZKW will present various scenarios on autonomous driving in which the trade show visitors can interactively participate. There they can experience what the lighting systems of tomorrow will provide. ZKW will also make an impressive presentation of the use cases where the light of the future can be utilized in self-driving cars. In the future, the self-driving digital car will communicate with the analog human through light.

“Using various user cases, we will illuminate what will be possible for the mobility concepts of the future”, explains ZKW Group CEO Oliver Schubert. “Self-driving cars show their surroundings which driving maneuvers are planned and will be executed using light. If the speed or the direction of travel will change, this will be also be indicated through the lighting. Other road users such as cyclists or self-drivers can thus interpret the planned driving behavior of the self-driving mobility concepts and react to them”, says Schubert, who is focusing on further innovations with the goal of staying ahead with technology in the future.

ZKW at the 67th IAA

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