LG Top Management Visits ZKW Headquarters in Wieselburg

LG Top Management Visits ZKW Headquarters in Wieselburg

Wieselburg, 09/10/2018 ZKW received some high-ranking visitors at the corporate headquarters in Wieselburg on September 5th. Oliver Schubert and the management of the ZKW Group met the delegation from the new owner LG, headed up by CEO Jo Seong-jin, with a warm welcome. In addition to a company presentation, the guests received a factory tour and took part in a joint celebratory event with all ZKW employees. “We appreciate the commitment from LG and are very honored by the visit. The exceedingly positive reception among employees proves that LG is the right partner to develop our technological leadership in the premium lighting and electronic system segment in the future,” says Oliver Schubert, CEO of the ZKW Group.

Premiere for LG The visit from top management underscored both the appreciation the new owners have for the company and the strategic importance of ZKW. At the same time, it also served as a premiere for Jo Seong-jin, CEO of LG, who was visiting Wieselburg for the first time. The program for the one-day event included a management meeting, where Oliver Schubert and the Management Board presented the ZKW Group as a company.

Factory Tour Impresses Delegation After the meeting, Seongin Jo and the LG delegation were able to obtain information regarding high-tech developments in the lighting system sector during a tour of the factory. The company’s modern production systems for premium front lighting, which are used by major automotive manufacturers like AUDI, VW, BMW, Porsche, Daimler, Opel, Skoda, and VOLVO, were especially of interest. The visitors were also impressed by the company’s internal tool production facility, which ensures a high level of flexibility in production for ZKW. At the end of their visit, the LG and ZKW management came together to greet all of the Wieselburg employees.

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