ZKW Builds New Company Restaurant and Nursery

ZKW Builds New Company Restaurant and Nursery

ZKW is investing around 3.2 million EUR in its Wieselburg location in 2017. By building a new company restaurant and a nursery for all ZKW employees, ZKW continues to work for Lower Austria. The construction project will start on 6/12/2017, with completion planned for April of 2018.

New company restaurant for employees

ZKW Lichtsysteme GmbH began planning the construction project on its existing company premises in fall of 2016. After completing the bidding process, the official start of construction is now scheduled for 6/12/2017. Construction of the new company restaurant is costing around 2.6 million euros. “We have been able to create new jobs in Wieselburg as well with our success over the last few years. There are around 500 more employees at the location today than there were a year ago. To continue being able to offer everyone lunch in the future, we will build a new company restaurant and double our capacities,” Wolfgang Muhri, Managing Director of ZKW Lichtsysteme GmbH happily says.

Nursery planned from April 2018

During planning for the new company restaurant, the decision was made to also establish a nursery. It will cost around 650,000 euros, and will be managed by external operators. “As a family-friendly company, we want to provide more opportunities for child care. I’m glad we’re able to invest in the future of the children and families here with a nursery,” says Oliver Schubert, CEO of the ZKW Group.

Lower Austria – A successful location

“We opened our factory in The Hague less than a year ago, and now we are investing in this new construction project. This decision is also an absolute commitment to Lower Austria as an economic location. We’ve created good conditions here so we can continue delivering innovative products to our customers in the future. Wieselburg is and remains of central importance to our success,” says Armin Schaller, CEO of ZKW Holding.

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ZKW is investing around 3.2 million EUR in its Wieselburg location in 2017.