ZKW showcases pioneering work in lighting systems at IAA 2017

ZKW showcases pioneering work in lighting systems at IAA 2017

The ZKW Group took part in the 67th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany for the first time, with a focus on “autonomous driving from the point of view of the light manufacturer.” Through an interactive presentation, ZKW showed visitors what role “the light of the future” will play.


Wieselburg, September 27, 2017. ZKW supplies innovative lighting systems to the automotive sector and is already hard at work developing the technology for future vehicle generations. One of these groundbreaking technologies involves high-resolution light systems, which will help provide near-perfect lighting for drivers.

Supporting autonomous driving

In future, lighting will be used to support the sensors in automated vehicles. ZKW is relying on Digital Light Processing (DLP ® ) for its high-resolution systems. The company made further technological strides and studied the use of specially adapted components in developing this near market-ready solution based on digital micromirror devices (DMD) controlled by DLP ®..

The networked, digital vehicle of the future will provide greater safety

Thanks to high-resolution imaging, this groundbreaking innovation makes it possible to project various symbols using an “information beam” located in the near field, bringing the vision of the networked, digitized vehicle within reach and improving on-road safety. Complete lighting systems from ZKW with automatic, variable total light distribution up to the high-resolution range will meet the lighting needs of this future concept.

“We expect the level of networking between the lighting system and the sensors already present in the vehicle as well as future measurement technologies will be an integral part of the “self driving system,” says Oliver Schubert, CEO of ZKW Group.

Lighting taking center stage in new vehicle generations

Advancing digitization in vehicles is creating new lighting functions that go far beyond the needs of simple illumination. Staging and new design options using light are coming into greater focus with future vehicle generations. This trend is already underway in the more dynamic lighting effects in vehicles today.

“We have already taken on a pioneering role with our developments in this rapidly growing field of ​​innovation,” says Schubert. This message was underscored in the ZKW Group’s interactive booth at the IAA 2017, where the company showcased concepts for the future role of lighting under the motto of “autonomous driving from the point of view of the light manufacturer.”

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