CES 2024: ZKW and LG present vehicle lighting systems of the future

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place from January 9-13 in Las Vegas, ZKW and LG will be showcasing their innovations in the areas of intelligent vehicle lighting and infotainment. The highlight is the LG concept car, which is equipped with high-resolution microZ-LED headlights from ZKW. This should make cinema-like “drive-in theater” projections possible in the future. ZKW will also be presenting the latest innovations such as the intelligent “Illuminated Panel” and an illuminated bumper (together with Rehau), animated rear lights, sustainable headlights as well as the new headlight for the Volvo EX90 with the moving “Thorhammer” and GM Chevy Silverado headlights for the important American vehicle market. “With our locations in Silao/Mexico and Troy/Michigan, we offer customers in the USMCA economic area innovative lighting systems that can interact with other road users and increase driving safety,” explains Wilhelm Steger, CEO of the ZKW Group.

In the CES Public Area, the LG Concept Car offers visitors an insight into the future of automotive entertainment. The ZKW microZ headlight modules integrated into the front of the show car demonstrate how animated projections can be created in the future using intelligent front lighting. The projector function of the headlights generates a 100-inch image that can be used to display a wide range of entertainment content based on OTT communication via the Internet (e.g. Netflix), transforming the car into a mobile cinema experience. “With the ‘Digital Lighting Experience’ vision and strategy, we are taking our portfolio to a new level together with LG,” explains Steger.

Intelligent vehicle front & illuminated front panels
ZKW will also be showcasing its latest product innovations in the CES Private Area. Highlights include the illuminated multi-colored front grille “Panel” and, for the first time, an illuminated bumper “Bumper”, which were developed in cooperation with REHAU Automotive. ZKW will use demonstrators to show how modern lighting, electronics and sensor systems can be integrated into vehicle fronts. The concept can be used, for example, to redesign the front of electric vehicles that no longer require a radiator as a smart design object with lighting, logo, sensor and heating functions. In the future, intelligent vehicle fronts and other series products are to be developed that interact with other road users and can thus increase road safety.

Smart lighting systems
ZKW’s latest innovations include the high-tech headlights of the Volvo EX90. They are based on digital HD LED modules with a resolution of over 1.3 million pixels, which dynamically adapt the light to the traffic situation and precisely block out other road users. As a unique feature, the premium headlights can swivel the daytime running lights up and down in the typical Volvo hammer shape, thus revealing the main light modules – a design innovation that also helps to save installation space. As a new development, ZKW, in cooperation with OSRAM, is presenting innovative rear light modules in which transparent LEDs are laminated onto a transparent carrier substrate. The result is an animated surface that can display tail lights, indicators, brake lights and illuminated logos. The new headlamp of the GM Chevy Silverado, which enables an illuminated animation of the charge indicator, will also be on display at CES.

Sustainable production
ZKW aims to make its global production CO2 -neutral by 2025 and all products by 2038. This goal is to be achieved by saving energy, avoiding waste and switching to green electricity. At CES, the lighting systems specialist will be demonstrating how sustainable lighting can be achieved through optimized materials and processes. As part of the “SusMat4CarLight” project, ZKW is working with partners to research recyclable materials for future lighting systems, including polymers based on renewable raw materials. “Our sustainability strategy makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions from production and products by 60 percent. The aim is to develop and produce more efficiently and sustainably. Sustainable management is a key concern for both the ZKW Group and its customers,” says Steger.

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