Great electronics: the spirit behind the light

The reasons we need vehicle lights go far beyond simple lighting. ZKW is developing powerful background helpers so that modern headlights can bring their diverse functions to the streets in the best light possible: Highly precise electronics that make innovative lighting technology possible. After all, powerful lighting takes smart control.

Today, laser lights, LEDs, and other technologies are facilitating innovative applications like glare-free high beams. Innovations in miniature lasers, Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS), organic light emitting diodes (OLED) and specialized LED configurations are on the way – and if automatic driving is the wave of the future, smart lighting is going to play a central role.

But how do the lights know where to shine? That’s the job of electronics, doing their duty back in the shadows. They are what allow LEDs and other technologies to work according to lighting requirements under any conditions.

The inside is what really counts

Modern headlight systems need different kinds of light engines and control devices. In contrast to conventional halogen or xenon light sources, LEDs require highly precise current regulation. In addition, modulation stages are required to ensure an even light color, for instance.

To meet the new demands placed on lighting electronics, ZKW Elektronik GmbH is combining specialized expertise in the areas of electronics, software, and quality at our Wiener Neustadt location. Highly qualified employees develop inexpensive electronic solutions there for the premium lighting systems of the future. This allows ZKW to offer its customers everything from a single source: lighting power and smart controllers as well.

Further contents

High beams with no glare

Most traffic accidents occur at night. The right lighting is what counts. Low beams aren’t enough, but high beams can blind oncoming cars, or drivers up ahead. The lux is the crux. Our solution: Glare-free high beams by the ZKW Group provide perspective and make driving in the dark more safe – thanks to smarter technology.

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A dazzling innovation

Just a few thousandths of a millimeter in size, but an absolute innovation in vehicle lighting: Laser lights. They allow not only for new headlight designs, but also make street traffic safer.

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Autonomous driving and the importance of the right light

City center, a busy street. A pedestrian wants to cross the road, and tries to make eye contact with the driver. But there’s no one behind the wheel. The passengers are sitting comfortably in the back seat. Nevertheless, the communication works. The fully automated vehicle recognizes the pedestrian, brakes independently, and projects a virtual crosswalk on the asphalt. That means the person can cross the lit street safely, after which the vehicle can go on its way.

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