High beams with no glare – smart technology brings light into the darkness

Most traffic accidents occur at night.

The right lighting is what counts. Low beams aren’t enough, but high beams can blind oncoming cars, or drivers up ahead. The lux is the crux. Our solution: Glare-free high beams by the ZKW Group provide perspective and make driving in the dark more safe – thanks to smarter technology.

Dangerous fear of light

Who hasn’t been in this situation: You’ve just switched on your high beams when you see another car coming right for you. Turn them back off, wait, then back on again. Until the next driver comes towards you from a distance. That’s a lot to do when you’re behind the wheel. And it can make lots of drivers worried about blinding other drivers, even leading to accidents. This fear is actually a major risk.

Field tests show that many drivers activate their high beams too late at night, then switch them off again too quickly. This poses great danger to pedestrians, especially, who are already difficult to see. But this self-imposed “flying blind” isn’t really necessary. What if your high beams were essentially always on?

Headlights that think with you

We have been developing and producing glare-free high beam systems for many years. Revolutionary technology helps us put the road in the right light, without any action by the driver: An automatic assistant improves the light’s range and distribution without blinding oncoming traffic.

Highly complex mechatronic systems or intelligent, next-generation LED solutions make it possible, like ZKW’s Matrix-lite: Individual light emitting diodes are individually activated, then actively switched on or off. This lights up the widest possible road area without interfering with other drivers. This smart technology can keep high beams on up to 90 percent of the time – so your mood won’t be the only thing that’s brilliant while you drive.

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Great electronics

The reasons we need vehicle lights go far beyond simple lighting. ZKW is developing powerful background helpers so that modern headlights can bring their diverse functions to the streets in the best light possible: Highly precise electronics that make innovative lighting technology possible. After all, powerful lighting takes smart control.

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A dazzling innovation

Just a few thousandths of a millimeter in size, but an absolute innovation in vehicle lighting: Laser lights. They allow not only for new headlight designs, but also make street traffic safer.

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Autonomous driving and the importance of the right light

City center, a busy street. A pedestrian wants to cross the road, and tries to make eye contact with the driver. But there’s no one behind the wheel. The passengers are sitting comfortably in the back seat. Nevertheless, the communication works. The fully automated vehicle recognizes the pedestrian, brakes independently, and projects a virtual crosswalk on the asphalt. That means the person can cross the lit street safely, after which the vehicle can go on its way.

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