Research and development

Into the future with innovation

Research fascinates. It also drives development in the right direction. The result is innovation based on decades of experience – innovation that sets trends, instead of just following them. Our employees in the R&D department ensure that the key technologies of tomorrow match the needs of our customers today. Because research and development is always a process that has to keep moving, we move forward on both customer orders and on our own developments. And we do it all against the background of a corporate strategy that focuses on making complex products and processes even more safe and efficient.

To do so, the ZKW Group’s R&D department has one of the largest lighting channels in the world, and works with highly modern measurement technologies that assess prototypes and series production headlamps alike for their light output, light color, and homogeneity. We use it to continue working on innovative solutions that are the key to continually expanding our technological advantage – and our customers’ advantage as well.

ZKW Development Cars

No research & development without vision: