ZKW in the Spotlight: Industry and Art Combined

ZKW in the Spotlight: Industry and Art Combined

For the first time, ZKW has presented a theatrical production with an industrial robot as the star of the show


The ZKW Group is known as a specialist for premium lighting systems and electronics. Now, the company has tried its hand at culture as well, bringing a theatrical production starring industrial robots to Wieselburg. The company helped put on the piece “The Sandman 4.0,” an adaptation of E.T.A. Hoffmann's novella from 1815.

Wieselburg, November 24th 2017. ZKW invited dignitaries from the fields of politics, industry, business, and the press to the premier of its play “The Sandman 4.0” on November 15th. Host and initiator Armin Schaller, CEO of ZKW Holding, and the entire Management Board of ZKW were also present. Both performances on November 16th were reserved for employees of the ZKW Group.

ZKW has been working with the technical experimental theater group “Theaterspinnerei” for quite some time to bring “The Sandman 4.0” to Wieselburg, a play with themes that reflect the company's mission. The theatrical production is a unique experiment that’s never been done on stage before: An industrial robot (the “YUMI” model by ABB) has its own role in the play. “It was a real joy to bring this production to Wieselburg. ‘The Sandman 4.0’ creates a bridge between technology and art, between an engineering mindset and psychology, between functionality and aesthetics,” says Armin Schaller.

Industry and Art Aren’t in Opposition

One question the piece deals with is whether a human can develop feelings for a machine. In view of current developments in the field of Industry 4.0, this is a highly topical consideration. This key question makes “The Sandman” a visionary piece for when it was originally written (1815!). Industry and art have more in common than one might think at first glance. Creativity and innovation are key factors, both in cultural fields and in the ZKW Group industry.

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