ZKW honored with DVN Lighting Star Award

The lighting systems specialist ZKW is delighted to have received another prestigious award. On February 28, the Wieselburg-based company was presented with the “Lighting Star Award” for “Best front lighting design” by the industry association DVN (Driving Vision News) in Munich. The award recognizes the innovative front lighting design that ZKW developed for the animated “Thorhammer” LED headlights of the Volvo EX90. When switching to high beam, the daytime running lights split upwards and downwards to reveal the main headlights. “We are particularly pleased about the award, which rewards the elaborate development of this unique, brand-typical front lighting,” explains Dr. Wilhelm Steger, CEO of the ZKW Group.

As a community of industry experts, DVN organizes regular workshops and serves as a platform for its members from the automotive industry to exchange information. The DVN Award Ceremony, at which the ZKW was honored, was the highlight of the first DVN Workshop 2024. Among the numerous specialist presentations, Udo Hornfeck, CTO of the ZKW Group, spoke about “Design and lighting in the Volvo EX90”. At the CEO Talk on the topic of “The changing automotive industry”, ZKW CEO Wilhelm Steger discussed strategies for the future, sustainability, software-defined vehicles, artificial intelligence and much more with renowned representatives from other automotive suppliers. Gerald Böhm, GSM Advanced Technology and Technology Relationship Management ZKW Group, provided exciting insights into the future of vehicle lighting in his presentation on “Display – technical possibilities and outlook”.

Excellent lighting design
For the award-winning headlights of the Volvo EX90, ZKW uses a digital segment light module that combines matrix high beam and low beam. The system combines daytime running light, position light and indicator light in the particularly compact form of the striking “Thorhammer” design. The innovative kinematics enable the daytime running lights to “wink”: when the vehicle is unlocked, the individual headlamp elements flash one after the other before opening up and releasing the high beam with a blinking effect. The smart headlamp was developed at the ZKW site in Wieselburg and is manufactured at ZKW in Silao/Mexico and Dalian/China. “Our development department was able to meet the brand’s high design standards with a great deal of commitment,” says Dr. Steger.

About DVN Lighting
DVN Lighting is a community of industry experts who regularly exchange ideas. The aim is to consolidate and analyze information in order to support DVN Lighting members. “DrivingVisionNews” is the trade magazine for all aspects of vehicle lighting, vision and driver assistance. The DVN in Munich was very popular with 450 visitors, 100 companies, 30 exhibitors and more than 25 OEMs.

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