Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving from the light manufacturers point of view

On of the biggest questions is: “How will the role of light change when the car is driving itself?” This question hasn´t been answered yet. We are already concentrating on the future of light.
Due to this reasons we showed at the IAA 2017 our thougts about the future role of light. Have a look at our USE-CASE-MOVIES regarding this topic:

All road users can see where the vehicle is going and what it is planning to do.

After a relaxed day with friends at the lake, you are cycling home after darkness has fallen. The path home runs through open land, is nicely paved, but poorly lighted and is a potential source of danger for you. If you would come across a self-driving car, thanks to the lighting signals emitted by the car, you could see the direction of travel and especially the route guidance of the car and react accordingly. Without these guiding light signals on the ground, you would only know from the blinder that the car is turning. That’s how it works nowadays. You could only guess the path it is taking.

Stories and more information: