The application process at ZKW

We cannot do the application for you. But we will explain to you what you are looking for in the application process for a position at the ZKW Group.

A roller coaster of emotions – that’s usually what the whole process of applying for a new job ends up being. Especially for you as an applicant. You find your dream job and apply. Often, nothing at all follows at first – a dry spell and a lot of waiting. Then the emotional moment when you get a response, throwing you into the next loop in either a positive or negative direction. After that your feelings go up and down for a while – gathering specialist knowledge and nervousness before and during your interviews, your journey is over. And at the end hopefully you have an employment contract in hand for your dream job.

We understand that the time between when you send your application until you receive a final yes or no is highly emotional. That’s why we don’t make our recruiting process a secret at the ZKW Group. From the first time you contact our company, we want to explain everything you can expect from the ZKW Group. That’s why we give you some insight into every step of our application process here.

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Competence Training Center

Anyone who expects extraordinary performance needs extraordinarily well qualified employees – people who enjoy taking on a high level of responsibility and want to continue learning throughout their lives. We believe education and continued training for our employees is an indispensable investment in the future of our company.

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Careers abroad

We speak a lot of languages at the ZKW Group. The world’s fastest-growing company in the automotive industry offers its employees a wide range of opportunities to make a career abroad – from lower Austria to Mexico or Manchuria.

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