Competence Training Center

Anyone who expects extraordinary performance needs extraordinarily well qualified employees – people who enjoy taking on a high level of responsibility and want to continue learning throughout their lives.

We believe training and continued education for our employees is an indispensable investment in the future of our company. The Competence Training Center is based on five pillars and forms a foundation for the continual personal development of our employees.

CTC onboarding
This training program serves to introduce and integrate new employees into the company. In addition to a general introduction to the company, internal trainers inform new employees on ZKW-specific topics. (e.g. light technology, plastics, simulation).

CTC inhouse
This program of training and continued education is available to all ZKW employees. External and internal trainers inform employees at our internal training facilities on certain topics like personality, languages, IT, and intercultural issues, ZPS, …

CTC special
This program of training and continued education is available to all ZKW employees. The CTC program includes all training sessions attended by individuals led by external seminar providers outside of the company. These training sessions are not listed in the CTC inhouse or CTC onboarding catalog.

CTC youngsters
CTC youngsters is a continued education option for all trainees at ZKW. This program helps trainees move from their 1st work day to the completion of their internship and is designed to reinforce and enhance young employees’ personal expertise.

CTC leadership
The CTC leadership program is based on our corporate mission and the management principles derived from it. This training program is directed towards all ZKW managers (Senior Managers, managers, Team Leaders, Shift Leaders). Specialized courses have been designed for each individual hierarchical level.


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