Careers abroad: Go to China, the USA, or Mexico with ZKW

Nǐ hǎo! Nice to meet you! Buenos días!

We speak a lot of languages at the ZKW Group. The world’s fastest-growing company in the automotive industry offers its employees a wide range of opportunities to make a career abroad – from lower Austria to Mexico or Manchuria.

Anyone who decides to take an internship at ZKW will discover the world of innovative, premium lighting and electronics systems in the tranquil town of Wieselburg – population 4,000 – in lower Austria. Once you’ve got your diploma in hand, and wanderlust in your heart, you’ll be ready to take a world tour.

Employees interested in foreign travel are welcome to express their interest during regular employee reviews. They then have the interest to move abroad when the right opportunity opens up. Jump in for three to six months and try it out. Keep your eye on an extension: If the employee fits in well at the location, and if the location has a vacancy, months can turn into years.

Support for expats

ZKW employees aren’t left alone if they decide to go abroad. The company provides 100 percent support to international ambition: Booking flights, finding an apartment, transfers, insurance – our travelers are in good hands.

As an industry leader, the ZKW Group employs workers at locations in Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, China, India, Mexico, Korea and the USA. You can find intercultural training opportunities, customized to your specific country, in our comprehensive in-house continued education catalog. We want to make sure nothing stands in the way of saying “Goodbye” to Austria for a while.


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Competence Training Center

Anyone who expects extraordinary performance needs extraordinarily well qualified employees – people who enjoy taking on a high level of responsibility and want to continue learning throughout their lives. We believe education and continued training for our employees is an indispensable investment in the future of our company.

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