Opel Insignia LED

Opel Insignia LED

Second generation of intelligent LED lighting systems now available in the new Insigna Grand Sport

Opel presented the LED Matrix front headlight it developed jointly with ZKW for the first time at this year’s Geneva Autosalon. The headlight is installed in the new Insigna Grand Sport sedan. In comparison to the previous Matrix light, which has been available in the Opel Astra for two years, the new IntelliLux also offers a high-resolution glare-free high beam. The intelligent lighting system is based on ten high-power LEDs that can be switched on and off individually, providing a variety of combinations of low and high beams. The IntelliLux headlight is controlled using an attached front camera that allows the system to automatically adapt the high beam to the traffic situation and avoid dangerous glare. “The fully-automatic IntelliLux system in the new Opel Insigna provides optimal support to drivers, allowing for relaxed driving with maximum safety. This makes night driving, in particular, even safer and more comfortable,” says Oliver Schubert, CEO of the ZKW Group, which developed the new LED Matris headlight for Opel. ZKW optimized the IntelliLux headlight once again in around four years development time. Ten high-power LED light sources create the low beam using a three-chamber reflector and a project lens. The Matrix high beam to mask individual high beam segments – to prevent blinding oncoming traffic or vehicles up ahead – is generated using two additional project lenses with 16 controllable high power LEDs. The new high beam spotlight, with two additional high power LEDs, provides up to a 400 meter lighting range. The cornering lights were also improved: A reflector integrated on the inside of the headlight provides even more intensive lighting than before while turning. The new Insignia has a daytime driving and blinker in a double-wing form, created with four fiber optics, as a typical styling element. More safety thanks to intelligent technology The individual LEDs in the IntelliLux lighting system are controlled depending on vehicle parameters – such as object data of the front camera, speed, and steering angle. The result is a headlight that reacts automatically, for instance to automatically switch over to high beam mode when you leave the city and continuously adapt the length and distribution of the light beam to every traffic situation. This helps the system support the driver proactively while driving at night, no matter whether he’s on the interstate, a rural road, in the city, or driving through curves. “The highly modern system turns night into day for drivers and passengers in the new Opel Insignia without blinding other road users,” says Ingolf Schneider, Head of Lighting Technology at Opel Adam AG.

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