ZKW Lifecycle Management honored with ICT Austria Jewels Award

At a festive event on September 26 in Vienna, the ZKW Lifecycle Management concept was awarded the ICT Austria Jewels Award. With the sustainable concept, end devices such as notebooks, PCs, smartphones and docking stations are collected by partner companies after their useful life and reintroduced into the circular economy. “The ZKW Group has set itself the goal of continuously reducing its ecological footprint. The lifecycle management concept can be used to extend the lifecycle of IT equipment and promote a sustainable corporate culture,” says Dr. Wilhelm Steger, CEO of the ZKW Group.

The purpose of lifecycle management is to share, lease, repair, recycle and reuse existing equipment and materials for as long as possible. Together with the IT company ACP IT Solutions, ZKW has developed and implemented a concept that helps to make the use of PCs, notebooks and smartphones environmentally friendly. With the ZKW Lifecycle Management concept, the end devices are collected by ACP IT Solutions after use and returned to the circular economy. In this way, resources are conserved and the devices remain in use for as long as possible.

Sustainable recycling management
At ZKW, hardware is usually leased for several years. Shortly before the lease expires, the replacement process starts. The affected employees are informed, necessary model changes and the entire hardware requirements are evaluated, and the old devices are returned to ACP IT Solutions and replaced with new ones. After DSGVO-compliant handling, the old devices are refurbished and returned to the market.

About ICT Austria
ICT Austria is a group of leading digital experts and companies in the field of information and communication technology, which has set itself the goal of bringing the Austrian digital industry to the top of the international league.

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Laudator Walter Huemer (President of ICT Austria & Managing Director of the Huemer Group) presents the award to Elzana Suljevic (Key Account & Remarketing Manager at ACP Financial Solutions) and Christoph Berger (Group Vice President IT, ZKW Group GmbH).

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