ZKW expands logistics center in Wieselburg

The previous storage areas at the ZKW Group headquarters have reached their capacity limits. Because of this, the lighting systems manufacturer is constructing a new logistics building for production supply, which will offer 62,000 container storage spaces. In the future, materials will be transported fully automatically through the plant to the manufacturing line via a three-kilometer-long conveyor system. The new hall will be built on part of the existing parking area on Scheibbser Strasse. Accordingly, new parking spaces will be created on Rottenhauser Strasse. Construction is scheduled to start in April 2020 and the new logistics system is scheduled to go into operation in the summer of 2021. By building a new logistics center, ZKW is investing an additional 17 million euros in the Wieselburg site. The expansion is intended to strengthen competitiveness and create space for further value creation. “Particularly in this tense economic situation in the automotive industry, it is important to invest at the right time,” says Oliver Schubert, CEO of the ZKW Group.

Highly complex logistics
ZKW manufactures around three million headlamps per year at its main plant in Wieselburg. Not only must the various components be provided to meet specific manufacturing needs, but numerous spare parts must also be manufactured. The Wieselburg site is the most complex, compared to the other sites of the globally active group.

Creating space for additional added value
The increasing variety of parts and the associated costly logistics processes make expansion a necessity. One challenge was the limited space between the Erlauf river and the railway tracks. The partial use of the parking area solved this problem.

Strengthening competitiveness at the Wieselburg location
With the new, ultra-modern logistics concept, the entire material supply will be efficiently bundled and optimized at the Wieselburg site. The focus will also be on the future product portfolio. This will prepare logistics for new business areas such as sensors and systems for autonomous driving. “This investment will enable us to make the best possible use of the capacity of the Wieselburg site and thus strengthen the competitiveness of our main plant,” Schubert explains.

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